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Custom Pet Care

Fur kids have their own preferences and unique needs. We’re happy to offer custom care services to cater to them!


Extended visits, overnight stays, adventure outings, sniffari walks, etc. 

We also implement and support Fear Free practices to help keep your pet happy and comfortable while in our care. 


Minnie, Sammy & Miki enjoying their midday walk

Vacation Visits

Sweet Miss Gracie enjoying some attention

Vacation Visits

Vacation visits are typically 30 minutes and include services such as walking/letting out to potty, scooping litter boxes, feeding, fresh water, playtime, and of course lots of TLC. Other services included are: bringing in mail, watering plants, ensuring home security, cleaning up “accidents," taking out trash, etc. $35 per visit.

We also offer extended visits: 45 min or 1 hour. Contact us for details.

*Phoebe’s Pampered Pets, LLC, reserves the right to shorten walk time in extreme heat and cold, for the health and safety of the dog(s). The remainder of the visit will take place indoors where we will provide playtime and TLC. Pet safety is our top priority.


Safe and accurate medication administration during home visits. Oral medications, eye drops, ear medications, insulin injections, inhalers, other injectables. 

Nurse-dog (1).jpg
Cat Feeding

Polly and Anna taking their medications

Special Needs

Yoda with a feeding tube

Special Needs

Our experience in specialty veterinary medicine allows us to provide specialized medical services for pets in the comfort of their own home. Surgically placed feeding tube use and care, subcutaneous fluids, post-op/rehab care, urinary bladder expression, etc. Price varies: contact us for a custom care plan and price quote.

We are also able to perform doppler blood pressure measurements on cats and dogs.

Overnight Stays
Overnight Stays

A sleepover for your pet! All inclusive vacation care! We provide pet care in the evening (walk, play, dinner), “sleep over” with your pet (minimum of 10 hrs), provide pet care in the morning, AND during one midday walk/play session. Your home becomes our home base. $195 per night/day.


Rico taking a comfy nap


Chihuahua Christmas nap party!


Holiday seasons are hectic for everyone-  please make your reservations early! Service is first come first serveThere is an additional charge for service on major holidays. 

*Deposits may be required for major holiday reservations. Please contact us for details.


Our representatives are standing by!

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