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About Us

Hi, I'm Melissa!

Melissa Photo.jpg

Melissa with Yoda and Phoebe, 2015

Founder, Melissa Boose, has over 20 years of professional pet care experience, with 12+ of those years in veterinary medicine. She worked for a professional pet sitting company before attending school for veterinary technology. After graduating from tech school at the top of her class, she passed the national boards exam, earning her veterinary technician certification in Virginia, LVT. Later on she earned the certification, RVT, in North Carolina. For over 8 years she provided exceptional, compassionate nursing care for hospitalized dogs and cats at a large, well-known specialty hospital in Raleigh, NC. She left her full-time nursing position to devote herself to running Phoebe’s Pampered Pets in late May 2015. 



Melissa with her furkids, 2021

Melissa earned her Fear Free Certification in 2022. She completes continuing education to continue learning and growing, as well as maintain her Veterinary Technician Registration and Fear Free Certification.

Who is Phoebe?

Melissa is a proud, loving mama to her rescue chis and russian tortoise. She is very passionate about animal rescue and animal welfare, volunteers with a local rescue organization, and wishes she could "save them all!"

"Phoebe can be described as a furry little bundle of happiness bursting with joy. I’ve never met such a grateful, happy dog who loves life like she does!" 


Phoebe was my adorable, long hair chihuahua whose joyful nature has been a major inspiration for me (and everyone she met!). Phoebe was born with two heart abnormalities that required life-long medical management. I adopted her knowing this, as the breeder was only willing to give her to someone with a veterinary background, who understood the risks of her condition. She sure didn't let her heart condition get her down! Her amazing spirit made her the perfect choice for the “face,” of my new pet sitting business, thus Phoebe’s Pampered Pets was born.


We tragically lost Phoebe in cardiac surgery on January 28, 2016. I considered changing the business name, but decided Phoebe's Pampered Pets will continue on in her honor. Our time together was way too short, but what a wonderful gift it was to shower her with love and happiness while she was here.  ~Melissa Boose, RVT

Photo of Phoebe.jpg

Phoebe, 2015

Looking forward to meeting you!

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